HearrtWound – Epizoda 25

HearrtWound – Epizoda 25

Adnan cuts his way to confront Hussein. Hüseyin tells him that it was his fiancé Cesur, who was jealous of Ayşe, who tried to kill his son. When Adnan leaves her side, she has a heart attack. He drives his car towards the farm. Yaman sees him. While looking for the medicine in the man’s pocket, he is surprised to see the paper, written “Adnan is your father”.

Hussein; He gives the order to kill his men so that. Baha can not speak in order to save his daughter. They first leave Baha in a secluded place. Baha calls Ayşe from the phone left next to her. He bought a ticket to return to Istanbul.

He calls the girl who is waiting for his bus. When Ayşe goes to him, while they are arguing. Baha is injured by a bullet from afar. They knock Ayşe out with drugs and kill Baha. When Ayşe comes to herself, Baha is not there. Ferit calls Sinan. When she can’t reach her, she goes to her husband for help out of panic.


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