HearrtWound – Epizoda 24

HearrtWound – Epizoda 24

Baha Hüseyin said these words to Ferit so they wouldn’t hurt Ayşe. She is caught once more and taken prisoner by the men. With the men close by, he goes to the latrine and shoots Ayşe an admission video, however before the young lady can watch the video, the men get Baha and take the telephone and erase the message.

Yaman’s fiancee, Betül; leaves him. They converse with Hande and cause problems. At the point when Hande returns home to be furious with Yaman, her mom Zümrüt, who follows her, causes a ruckus. He slaps Yaman and blames him for pursuing his girl.

The news is heard that Ebru has taken her son and returned to Istanbul. When Sinan finds out about Ferit and Ayşe, he calls his wife. He takes her from the village and brings her to the mansion. They talk about the issue with Ebru and make peace.


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