HearrtWound – Epizoda 20

HearrtWound – Epizoda 20

Tempest’s condition isn’t generally excellent. He responds to Baha who comes to the stable. At the point when Ferit says that. Tempest didn’t pay attention to his order upon the arrival of the mishap, the veterinarian says they can do a blood test. At the point when. Ferit likewise requests a test, the man of the hour replaces the genuine, test with a phony one with Adnan’s directions. It is perceived to. Fırtına that. Ferit was killed. Ayşe additionally says that she will give a valiant effort for Tempest’s recuperation.

İhsan brings. Olive, whom he cherishes and safeguards, whom he sees while, chipping away at the road, to the chateau since he sees that he is beaten. Ihsan; In spite of the fact that he feels humiliated towards his sibling, he proceeds with his coordinated, operations business with Yaman.

Ebru, in which Leman said weighty words; He becomes ill with his child. He yells to his child Sinan to proceed to let his mom be. Sinan; When he hears what his significant other has said and done, he returns home and stirs up some dust. Leman demands his mix-up. Azade woman goes to the clinic and undermines, her when she was youthful and requests that Ebru go, yet the lady says she won’t go. Sinan likewise gets data from the specialist about the circumstance without seeing Ebru and her child. He discovers that the lady was beaten, previously.


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