HearrtWound Epizod 51

HearrtWound Epizod 51

Zümrüt, who does not want to stay at home after the house raid. When he couldn’t go to the hotel because they didn’t have the money, he went to the. Yamans at Hande’s insistence. Betil, who had already quarreled with her husband, who had calmed. Hande the night before because her father was arrested, makes a scene. Embarrassed when. Betül leaves the house; He goes to the liberation. Hande stays at home with. Yaman. Having recovered herself. Betil returns home and assumes a happy attitude as if nothing had happened.

Hussein himself. Because he thinks that. Zümrüt has reported it, he empties all accounts and has credit cards closed for processing as revenge. They are penniless. Hande makes another move and raids the men she gave money to her own houses. His father owed money to the usurer. If they don’t, they make up an event as if they will come again. Emerald was terrified.


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