HearrtWound – Epizod 71

HearrtWound – Epizod 71

In Adana, at Şahin Bey’s manor, a young lady demand happens with Azade’s support. Rings are joined. They contract for henna in Adana and a wedding in Antakya. Ayşe for wedding dresses and gems; He goes to Sancakzade chateau. Azade tells him not to leave his child once more and not to lament taking him to this house.

Yaman had a mishap. He is taken to the emergency clinic. At the point when Hande calls Yaman to get her out of the emergency clinic, Betül gets her telephone. Then, at that point, we discover that Yaman hit Betül. Nonetheless, Yaman doesn’t let the police know that it was his significant other who hit him. Hearing the occurrence, Ferit, Sinan and Adnan likewise drop by. At the point when Bedia learns about the episode, she goes to her nephew and supports her.


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