HearrtWound –- Epizod 69

HearrtWound –- Epizod 69

While Yaman and Sinan are drinking, Betül comes to the table and sits down as if nothing had happened. Betül threatens Yaman.

Ferit tells. Ayşe that a young girl called him and told him that his life was in danger. Ayse and Ferit, who realize that the girl is. Elif from the recipe, go to. Adana’s mansion and ask what happened. Elif; He faints because of the pressure of his grandfather. Şahin says that. Ferit does not allow him to take his grandson, and that if the family wants to come, he can only leave the house with his wedding dress.

Ferit comes to the mansion and tells his family that they will marry. Ayşe and they will ask her for the daughter from her grandfather. When Azade does not want this, they rest. Sinan; He says he will come as his brother. Adnan Bey wants to take his flower and join the request, but. Ferit says that he does not want the man without breaking his heart. He goes to Adana with his brother and family. Azade comes at the last moment.


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