HearrtWound – Epizod 66

HearrtWound – Epizod 66

Şahin Avcı’s granddaughter, Elif; He learned that the kidney that fits him is in his cousin. Both her grandfather and Mirza tell her to treat. Ayşe well and make her love her. The next day, Ayşe meets her mother’s sister’s daughter, Elif, for breakfast at the farm. Ayşe loves her cousin, whom she resembles to her mother.
When Adnan Bey comes to the mansion, Sinan starts a fight. When he goes too far, the father slaps his son.

The next day, Hande has a hearing. Ayşe gives a touching speech in court. Hande is taken to prison to be tried. Yaman talks to his mother. Zümrüt to save him, but Hande enters the prison. As soon as you enter the ward; Others, who heard that she killed the baby in the womb, beat Hande and then constantly harassed her.


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