HearrtWound – Epizod 65

HearrtWound – Epizod 65

At the point when Ayşe would rather not discuss her granddad, Ferit begins to explore the man. At the point when he sees Mirza and Dede in the vehicle before the manor, he converses with them and has a rest. Mirza lets Aisha know that her granddad sent her and says that nobody figures out her and befuddles her.

Azade doesn’t show his children the video of his dad and erases it, yet Yaman sends them the video of Adnan with Saadet. The situation spins out of control in the house. The two children advise Azade to separate. Adnan is taken for his children not to pay attention to him. He would rather not leave the, products he has gained over the course of the years to his significant other. He intends to move his property to. Yaman to pirate it before separate. He converses with Yaman. He doesn’t say he’s his child, however he moves his resources for him.


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