HearrtWound – Epizod 64

HearrtWound – Epizod 64

Ayşe thinks that Ferit is in trouble too, and wants to leave, but her husband does not allow it. However, Ayşe takes her suitcase and leaves the house. When Ferit finds out about this, he blocks his bus, but Ayşe is not in it. Arriving at the bus station, Mirza shows him a letter his so-called mother wrote to his grandfather. Confused, Ayşe goes with her to her grandfather’s house in Adana. Şahin Bey deflects the facts and tells Ayşe that he is a good person; She makes him believe that he is on good terms with his mother.

ferrite; He learns about Ayşe’s grandfather’s house and raids it. Ayşe tells him that she came there voluntarily, that she wants to stay and leaves.

Ferit is stunned and doesn’t see the reason why. Ayşe would need to take off from him and go to her granddad’s home. He is loaded up with clashing feelings outrage, misery, disarray. He chooses to assume control over issues and embarks to figure out what is truly happening.

At the point when. Ferit shows up at. Şahin Bey’s home, he is met with obstruction from the more seasoned man. Şahin Bey attempts to redirect what is happening and paint himself in a positive light, however Ferit isn’t all that handily persuaded. Not entirely settled to make quick work of the circumstance.

In the mean time, Ayşe is battling with her own feelings. She is torn between her adoration for. Ferit and her unwaveringness to her granddad. She is likewise wrestling with the way that. Şahin Bey may not be the individual she thought he was. Regardless of her disarray and clashing sentiments, Ayşe stays unflinching in her choice to remain at the house in Adana.


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