HearrtWound Epizod 55

HearrtWound Epizod 55

The occupants of the chateau, hearing the report from Ferit, come running. They attempt to help Ferit. At the point when Ayşe starts thinking clearly and requests that Ferit set up their child’s room, the man goes to set it up in spite of all complaints. Ayşe becomes ill just subsequent to watching her child’s room.

Nonetheless, around then, Ayşe’s primary care physician in the medical clinic says that the lady was harmed with a toxin that she was unable to track down the sort of and that she would lose the child. Without a doubt, Ayşe lashes out. They say they need to take the child or they will lose Ayşe. Very nearly a hard choice, Ferit picks his better half’s life. At the point when Ayşe starts thinking clearly, they can’t tell her that she has lost her child.


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