HearrtWound Epizod 53

HearrtWound Epizod 53

Yaman gains from the medical caretaker at home that. Bedia is his auntie. At the point when he asks Yadigar, he learns reality and attempts to move toward the lady.

Adnan has tracked down an accomplice for the inn. Tragically, Yaman was the individual who lived abroad, whose face he didn’t see however just knew his name. Yaman was deluding Adnan. Adnan places. Sinan accountable for the inn business

At the point when. Adnan gets back home and doesn’t find Saadet, he gains from. Azade that he has gone on the grounds that he is healthy and doesn’t require them any longer. Adnan calls the lady constantly, however he doesn’t answer his telephone for some time to make him wonder. She then, at that point, indicates that she cares deeply about the man. free; When she causes her significant other to follow her, she discovers that. Saadet and Adnan are together some place toward the finish of the episode.


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