HearrtWound Epizod 50

HearrtWound Epizod 50

Mirza sneaks into the Pasha Heart Cafe and cleans the area. Then he calls Ferit and tells him that he wants to buy the cafe. Although Ferit does not want to sell the cafe, Ayşe, who is pregnant, has changed her priorities; He tells Ferit that they can open a law office with the money they will receive when they sell the place. So Mirza takes the cafe. At the same time, he makes an offer to Ayşe to run the cafe. Ferit immediately refuses.

At the end of the episode, Mirza takes. Ayşe’s blood tests from a man in the hospital. He constantly tells the person he talks to on the phone that everything is fine, the only problem is that Ayşe is pregnant.


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