ThriSiss – Epizod 147

ThriSiss – Epizod 147

Somer’s Battle with Outrage and Disloyalty. In a little Turkish town, feelings run high as connections entwine and strains stew inside the Kalender family. Somer, known for his short breaker, battles to contain his resentment after finding that his previous fire, Türkan, is set to wed Kartal, an opponent from the adjoining town. The news sends shockwaves through the intently sew local area, with Somer’s fierce feelings taking steps to disturb the sensitive equilibrium of the town.

Rüçhan’s Manipulative Strategies. Fanning the fire, Rüçhan, a craftiness individual from the Kalender family, jumps all over the chance to take advantage of the circumstance. In a bid to fuel Somer’s fury and cause turmoil, Rüçhan furtively organizes a plan including Derya, a weak pawn in her grasp. Rüçhan uses Derya to release the insight about Türkan’s approaching pre-marriage ceremony to Sadık, realizing great that this disclosure will incense Somer much further. Subsequently, another fracture is manufactured among Derya and the Kalender family, with trust broke and loyalties tried.


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