Donttoleame – PROMO 106

Donttoleame – PROMO 106

With Esin’s catch in the television series Don’t Let Me Go, all that will turn out badly. Esin has done such a task that this time the equilibrium will truly change. Sometime, the email Esin sent from Emre’s PC will emerge. Starting here, while everybody is troubled with Esin, Esin will press Arzu in view of a transgression a long time back.

Bora’s worth in Zeynep’s eyes will diminish with the way that Bora and one of his men are equipped and they attempt to kill Emre with a firearm in the series Don’t Let Me Go. Bora can’t handle what is happening.

While the affection for Tarık and Sıla is going to an impasse, Mehmet’s discipline to Meltem for how he treated Sıla will reassure everybody. Sıla will surrender trust on Tarık. It will be undeniably challenging so that Sıla might see the promotion available to be purchased in the house she purchased for herself, however it will be past the point of no return.

Esin’s little girl Cansu will affect the development of Esin and every one of the games she has made. Vedat, then again, will scarcely rest in the wake of meeting Hülya. After what Esin did, Vedat, who would even not like to see Esin any longer, will need to leave Esin and draw nearer to Hülya?

Can Hülya call her girl Zeynep your dad, your main doctor years after the fact? How will Zeynep respond when she looks into her genuine dad and mother? Follow the impending episodes of the Don’t Leave Me series for all and that’s just the beginning.


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