Mos më Braktis – PROMO 103

Mos më Braktis – PROMO 103

Vedat, then again, makes an arrangement with an organization to unscramble the camera records. Security organization authorities figure out how to recover the recording; Esin, then again, is exceptionally terrified of going to prison. In spite of the fact that Esin faces every one of the challenges not to use whatever remains of her life in jail, this time her astute and tricky arrangement will detonate toward the start.

In the wake of seeing the commercial of the house available to be purchased, Sıla expressed farewell to all her blissful dreams with Tarık. As Sıla feels that she has lost Tarık, the aggravation inside her increments and she is exceptionally miserable. Mehmet can’t stand Sıla’s miserable state, he cover his affection for Sıla in his heart. Mehmet tells Sıla that Meltem made the fresh insight about the paper to see that Sıla is blissful. Sıla goes to ask Meltem, who forestalls her bliss with Tarık, to account. Tarık, then again, needs to call Sıla ordinarily, however he can’t take his pride in calling Sıla and pauses, not knowing what to do.

Then again, Meltem and Tarık are eating at a conference for the organization. While Tarik and Meltem are eating, Sıla will come in. Meltem presents joyfully, uninformed about Sıla’s future.


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