Mos më Braktis – Pamjet 87

Mos më Braktis – Pamjet 87

Meltem takes the report that Sıla has captured from Sıla and destroys it. Now Sıla has no evidence to prove Meltemm’s fake suicide, and Melteme still plays the role of the victim. Sayar family, on the hand, trembles on Meltemss.

Tarık, on the other hands, does not believe in. Sıla, who says he will show him evidence, but has no evidence, and is accused! of not being able to attract. Meltem, not wanting to, and even slandering.

Sıla, on the other hand, was greatly disappointed; Tarık, the man he loves, believes not! in himself, but in his ex-girlfriend, Meltemes. Seeing that. Tarık does not, trust himself. Sıla is very upset. Just when Sıla says she has given up on this job, Tarık realizes that. Sıla is too honest to lie! and that, she is also attracted to. Sıla for this reason.

Tarık, who started to investigate. Meltem’s suicide, gets a clue and gets very close to solving. Meltems’s game. Tarık goes to the doctor. Suat to put the last point.

Emre’s plan finally works and. Yeliz confesses all that. Esin has done to her. Emre is very close to sending. Esin to prison. Esin will be punished, for what she has done. Emre now takes this information to the prosecutor’s office to save Zeynep. Emre is very happy to save Zeynep, but; After all these events, wil.l Zeynep forgive Emre after all the evil he has done to Zeynep?

Emre’s first job will be to save Zeynep from that dungeon and then explain that he did all these things to save her.

The best times are starting for, in the series but don’t be afraid, it will be short. Now Tarik will be alone with his conscience.

Meltem will say that after the night they spent with Tarık, she said that Tarık had drunk a lot of alcohol and then I came back to you, so she also approached Tarık. Although Tarık does not want to hear the rest, Meltem’s implication is that he was drunk, with me that night, and we were together. Of course, Tarık will not be able to deny this situation when he gets up from Meltem’s bed naked.

Meltem’s plan will work smoothly; However, there is one thing that. Meltem does not take into account, which is Sıla, who is madly in love with Tarık. Sıla Tarık will receive this bad news while she is waiting to tell the doctor that. Meltem did not commite suicides, to say that she only takes sleeping pills and to expose. Meltem’s lie. Tarik can no longer leave Metlem; because he lived with Meltem for one night.

Tarık will have to sober up from Sıla; Especially if Cengiz or anyone else heard about it, Tarık will not have a chance to deal with this, issue and. Meltem will persuade. Tarık to get married by crying and whining in every way. There is also the matter of honor.

I think Sıla will be the person who will prove that nothing happened between Tarık and Meltem that night, even though Sıla was very angry with Tarık for making such a mistake, that it was all a game; Of course, Tarik can prove it too.


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