Donttoleame – Epizoda 56

Bora is determined not to leave. Zeynep to Emre, but. EmreDe is now aware of Bora’s dark side. Emre takes action to show Zeynep what a dark man Bora is. Emre will not let go of Bora.
Zeynep is ready to do her best to prove her innocence. Curiosity and perseverance lead Emre and Zeynep to a surprising truth, unaware of each other. In the end, everyone will see that Zeynep is innocent.
Sıla can’t stand what. Cengiz and. Meltem have done to her anymore and decides to leave her love for Tarık in her heart. Tarık learns that his father, Cengiz, offered money to Sıla. Tarık is very angry with his father Cengiz, but first, he has to prevent Sıla from leaving.
This Week and Next Week in Don’t Let Me Go
The next mistake in the series Don’t Let Me Go will probably be Mehmet’s week. Sıla, who got a big? hit from the. Sayar family, has no place to go in Ankara other than Mehmet. Mehmet, on the other hand, does not hide his love for Sıla from anyone. Mehmet is following step by step to protect Sıla from Meltem and Tarık. When Tarık learns what happened to.

Sıla, will he be able to find Sıla?
Cengiz, on the other hand, sees. Sıla as very dangerous both for his family and financial, future and for the future of his son. After coming to Sıla, Cengiz, who sees that. Tarık has many ridiculous actions in his business life, will never tolerate Sıla. Seher still thinks that. Sıla was treated? unfairly and that. Meltem was never a suitable wife for Tarık. Seher will still do her best to make.

Cengiz see reality.
Then again, Tarık will uncover a vital piece of proof that will uncover the games Meltem is playing, and he will acknowledge how risky Meltem is to wed him.
He held onto the admission letter Zeynep Esin kept in touch with Vedat. Zeynep and Emre, then again, will be in the solace of arriving at reality and demonstrating that. Zeynep isn’t an escort young lady one week from now. I trust this! honor issue won’t be reached out, one week from now. Running against the norm, it is inevitable before the extraordinary aggression that began between.

Cansu and Bora turns into a great partnership. While Bora wants Zeynep, Cansu wants Emre. Bora dreams and plans to seize not only Zeynep but all the Sayer and avenge the past. How much he hates. Cengiz Sıla; He is so in love with Zeynep; because Zeynep is a successful, doctor and worthy of her son; however, Sıla is a simple peasant girl. She is a snake caught, in a love affair of 10 years. But will. Tarik be able to, prove to his father that the real snake is Meltem?


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