Donttoleame – Epizoda 4

Donttoleame – Epizoda 4

with Emre. Zeynep will never leave; because. Emre has fallen in love with the declaration. Zeynep writes a letter and tells what happened with her nakedness. Despite everything, Emre’s love is not for. Cansu, but for Zeynep, whose real name he does not even know. Emre, on the other hand, wants to take Zeynep and return to Ankara with him; because he does not want to live without her and wants Zeynep to be with him all the time. Learning that. Zeynep and Emre are going to Ankara, Cansu makes an urgent plan and asks her to go to her mother and hear the truth from herself. Sıla, who decided to leave the village hidden! from her father, is unfortunately caught. The enraged father decides to hold his daughter’s wedding immediately. For the helpless mother Melek, there is no other way but to ask Tarık for help.

Try not to leave me to go, things appears to get somewhats more confounded in the fourth episodes, in light of the fact that. Zeyneps discovers that the works she takes isn’t simply a visit work, however that. Emre met Esin’s girls. Cansus for a pre-marriage meeting. Zeyneps is exceptionally disheartened when she realizes, that this is the primary justification behind. Emre’s nearby disposition towards her. Zeynep at long last! goes up against. Cansu and lets Emre know that she will come cleans with all. Despites the fact that Zeynep embarks to come clean with Emre, it won’t be really great for Zeynep to get familiar with reality; in light of the fact that Emre will imagine that Zeyneps is a liar and will leave him.


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