Donttoleame – Epizoda 2

Donttoleame – Epizoda 2

It was a matter of curiosity what would happen in the 2nd part. In the village where Tarık wants to establish a factory, Veysel does not want his daughter to study, while her mother takes! a stand in favor of her. The mother is sick. He has no power to oppose Baba Veysel. Veysel, on the other hand, owes a large amount of debt to Celal Bey, the chief of the village. Celal’s son Bekir has lost his heart to Veysel’s daughter Sıla. Sıla, on the other hand, won the Faculty of Law in Ankara, unaware of her father. However, he cannot tell his father about this. Celal talks about getting, married by pushing Sıla at every opportunity. Sıla wants to study instead of getting married, but she cannot tell, this to anyone other? than her mother and best friend.

Do not leave I go to gou me touch on the summarys of the first episodes yesterday, before moving on to. Episodes 2 of the Don’t Let Me I to Go Series. Vedats now retires from being a civil servant in Antalia and settles in Ankaras Eryamans. Esin’s plan is to visit her old friend and confidant. Arzu and to marry her daughter. Cansu to doctor. Emre, who is Arzu’s youngest son, and dreams of wealth.

Vedat, on the other hand, says that it is not right to be among the young people, but when. Esin says that he bought a hospital, because. Cengiz’s son. Emre became a doctor and that he will arrange for himself a chief physician here, Vedat gets a little nervous. Zeynep, on the other hand, accepts the job that Pelin and Cansu said due to financial difficulties. Zeynep appears before. Emre as. Cansu. Arzu’s sister-in-law actually, heard some of the conversations. The next day, Seher comes to Arzu and asks who Orhan you talked about yesterday is. Desire is officially shocked.


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