Donttoleame – Epizoda 17

Donttoleame – Epizoda 17

Do not leave me – Episode 17

Tarık is completely immersed in Sıla and cannot think of anything else. The situation in Sila is similar. Tarık is constantly making excuses to see Sıla. Sıla, on the other hand, does not feel safe after her last snatching victimization. Aware of this, Tarık gets rid of the constant work and Meltem and goes to Sıla.

Meltem has already begun to doubt Tarık’s behavior. Unlike. Meltem, who is making marriage plans, Tarık is getting away from her day by day. Meltem thinks to consult Cengiz about this problem. Cengiz will be with Meltem as always.

Zeynep and Emre have important problems to solve in front of them. For Arzu, who sees. Zeynep’s pictures with unsuitable people, there is no choice but to separate Zeynep from her son. Although he did not want to upset his son at first, he begins to think that his suspicions are right. But Emre will not take another step other than talking to Zeynep and trying to understand the inner side of the business.

Esin, who managed to make. Zeynep, look like a prostitutes, was successful, in her plan. But when the prostitutes came to. Zeynep’s house, her mother was with her and saw what had happened. Her mother Hülya is sure of her daughter’s innocence. But it is. Arzu, rather than her mother, who has to convince. Zeynep.


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