Donttoleame – Epizod 97

Donttoleame – Epizod 97

Emre at long last figured out how to get Zenyep out of jail, yet he was unable to take Zeynep to Sayar house. While Zeynep is escaping jail, Bora is looking out for one side and Emre is looking out for the other. Despite the fact that Zeynep is devastated to embrace Emre’s neck, he needs to get in Bora’s vehicle, not Emre’s.

Emre, then again, can’t get a handle on Zeynep going with Bora and needs to remove Zeynep from Bora, yet both Bora and. Hülya forestall this. The lady Emre adored flew no longer any of his concern. Emre gets back to the chateau with essentially nothing. Emre, who got ready for. Zeynep’s appearance in the manor, comes alone, what not! this planning is squandered.

In the Sayar family, the waters are unstoppable. Cengiz opposes the fact that Zenyep will come home and the preparations made at Emre’s request for Zeynep’s arrival. Esin, on the other hand, begins to dream of the day when. Zeynep is released from prison.

Esin, who is sure that. Emre will not betray her, only needs to be careful not to reveal the situation to her accomplice Yeliz. If he becomes aware of. Yelizsin’s plan, things will get complicated. Esmer, who breathes a sigh of relief after. Zeynep’s rescue, starts her big game to get really big revenge on Esin.

Meltem finally confronts the bitter truth and learns that. Sıla and Tarık are married. When Meltem finds out that the man she loves, Tarık, has been, married to a shabby named Sıla for months, she goes crazys with anger and has a nervous breakdown.

Sıla is sure that Tarık cheated on her with Meltem. Sıla, who cannot understand why Tarık, who is not in her own hands, is sleeping with Meltem, decides to leave. Ankara, leaving everything behind. Tarık has no intention of sending Sıla. Tarık tries to prevent Sıla from leaving. Sıla, on the other hand, spills all the dirty sheets and says, “If you want me to stay? with you, answer me. He says why did you sleep with Meltem. Tarık is shocked by this question! and makes sure that. Meltem is playing a trick on them again.

Tarık’s wrath will burn. Meltem, who is sure that Meltem was playing a game the night they fell asleep with. Meltem at Meltem’s house.


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