Donttoleame – Epizod 95

Donttoleame – Epizod 95

At the point when Cengi couldn’t get Emre far from Zeynep, this time he went to. Zeynep and said that he didn’t believe she should wed Emre. Emre, ignorant about the circumstance, proceeds with his marriage arrangements on the day Zeynep will go out. At the point when Emre comes to the jail to visit. Zeynep, Zeynep gets a major shock that she won’t ever anticipate. What will Zeynep Emre reply to his engagement proposition?

On the other hand, Hülya and Vedat’s love for each other, which was left on dusty shelves years ago, is very close to rising from the ashes when. Vedat regains his courage and says that he loves Hülya.

Meltem, on the other hand, starts her plan and shows Sıla the candid photos that she had, taken by knocking out Tarık so that Sıla hates Tarık for the rest of her life. The balance changes completely when Tarık, who is unaware of the situation, learns the truth. Will she believe that Sıla Tarık did not have such a night with Meltem? How will Tariq get rid of this treacherous plan?

Emres at long last did what he would do and concurreds with Esins. Esins proceededs to say that it was not Zeyneps who harmeds me nor was her mom. In this way, Esins was saved from being detained; in light of the fact that. Emre additionally didn’t give the pictures to the police. Esin and Yelizs will be let out of jail in seven days when. Emre doesn’t give the recording to the police. Best of all, it’s the ideal opportunity for Zeyneps to go out. Yet again despite the fact that Bora couldn’t help Zeynep, she figured out how to beat Zeynep’s mom Hülya. Hülya won’t permit her little girl Zeynep to meet. Emre for any reason, however Emre and. Zeynep will begin their weddings arrangements. How about we find out the thing will occur.

In the series Don’t Let Me Go, a brunette storm breaks out. What a brunette she was, but she both protected Zeynep inside and managed to avenge Zeynep, both inside. With Esin and Yeliz falling into the same ward with. Esmer, Esmer did not leave the torture she had put on these two. Let’s see if Esmer and Zeynep will see each other when they go out. Because it is very soon for Zeynep to go out.


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