Donttoleame – Epizod 94

Donttoleame – Epizod 94

In the series. Don’t LetMeGo, the truth eventually? finds its place. Turkish justice! is manifested, albeit late, and the trial of. Esin and Yeliz continues! justice prevails, but the two enemies? are given the same ward in the. Don’tLet Me. Down sequence; In real life, this is impossible! because there are allegations that. Zeynep stabbed Esin.

Esin and Yeliz’s prison days start very hard. In any case. Esin never accepts to be in prison, and. Zeynep’s trouble has found Esin again, even in prison. Esin and. Yeliz fall into. Zeynep’s ward, but the doctor. Zeynep is a local and knows every evil that. Esmer Esin and Yeliz have done to Zeynep. Zeynep told Esmer everything. The brunette says, “God sent you to me, let me see, come here” and begins to torment Esin and Yeliz.

The brunette brings a wick from both. Yeliz’s and. Esin’s noses what they did to Zeynep. Continuing all the necessary work for. Zeynep to come out, Emre now believes that. Zeynep will be saved, and they will be reunited. In the end, it becomes clear that. Zeynep is innocent, and Emre takes action to marry. Zeynep, just days before. Zeynep’s departure.

In spite of the fact that. Emres makes arrangements for a cheerful future and a delightfuls weddings with. Zeyneps without gettings, consent from his family, both. Cengizs and. Zeynepe mom. Hülyaya are immovably against. Emres and. Zeynepe getting hitcheds and joining together, their lives. We shoulds check whether. Emres will beat every one of the impediments, and get hitchedd to. Zeyneps.

Tarık and. Sıla began their vacation well overall; The lodging resembles a heaven. Tarık and. Sıla live heartfelt! hours as though they take the, torment out of the awful days! notwithstanding, there! will be an extraordinary, bargain that will eclipse, the satisfaction of. Meltem Tarık and Sıla and discrete. Tarık and Sıla.


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