Donttoleame – Epizod 92

Donttoleame – Epizod 92

Bora thinks that with Esin’s imprisonment, Zeynep has no hope of going out. The police are waiting for Esin’s wound to heal in order to imprison Esin. Bora puts his treacherous plan into action and wants to kidnap. Esin from the hospital before she goes to prison.

Bora finally kidnaps. Esin, who is in her own hospital. Bora, who put the police to sleep, saved. Esin, but Esin’s troubles were not over. Esin is in her own trouble. Esin’s aim, who escaped from the hospital with. Bora’s help and hid in Bora’s house, is to get the camera, records from Bora and lose her track. While chasing her, she encounters an unexpected surprise.

Emre, on the other hand, does not let go of. Esin and goes to. Bora’s house to find Esin, whom he thinks is collaborating with Bora. It happened as he thought. Bora makes a big mistake and keeps Esin in her own house. When I see Esin Emre, Zeynep’s exit immediately, looks at my retracting my complaint; he says if you leave me behind and forgive me, I will take back my complaint; but

Emre will no longer come to Esin’s play. Emre calls the police for Esin, who is guilty, to take the necessary punishment and Esin is caught.
Meanwhile, Emre goes to the prison to visit Zeynep and says to Zeynep that Esin is now in justice, I will soon prove your innocence, and Zeynep is very happy with this good news.

On the other hand, Tarık takes the woman he loves with him and says. Sıla will be engaged to my crown jewel Sıla. Cengiz, on the other hand, once again expresses that he will never allow. Tarık and Sıla to get married. Despite. Cengiz’s objections. Tarık is determined to build a happy life with Sıla.

Meltem swears that Sıla and Tarık will never be happy as long as she is alive. This temporary happiness of Sıla and Tarık will be disrupted, by. Meltem’s treacherous plan and their lives will be turned upside down again.


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