Donttoleame – Epizod 91

Donttoleame – Epizod 91

Zeynep unfortunate fate will not leaves. Zeynep’s wife from prisons. Zeynepe will also suffer in the prison roof she entereds.

Zenyep, who is involved, in the internal, conflict in the prison? with her doctor, will also get into trouble in prison. Let’s see how long the imprisoned, woman in the prison, who wants to injure or even kill. Zeynep, will continue to deal with Zeynep. I hope that the conflict between Bora and Emre ends quickly and Zeynep can escape from prison without dying.

In fact, both Emre and. Zeynep want to punish. Esin and get Zenyep out of the inside, but even though they both have the same goal, they will not be able to do this; because there will be no time to save Zeynep from quarreling with each other. While Emre tries not to lose the documents he has to. Bora in the series. Don’t LetMe Go, Bora will see every way possible to save Zenyep.

Letme tell you what will happen. In the series Don’t LetMe Go, Esin doesn’t go to jail; We cannot get rid of both. Esin and Meltem. Tarık has witnessed Meltem’s games and treacherous plans many times, but Meltem can still play and. Cengiz believes in it. I hope Cengiz Bey, who is angry with. Sıla while we wait for Meltem, does not do anything to Sıla.

It seems that the conflict between Tarık and Mehmet will never end. Sıla keeps going to Mehmet again as if she has no one; In the images we took from the set, Mehmet will be tough on Tarık again this week, this time it looks like he’s going to show. Tarık Mehmet his place with his fists.


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