Donttoleame – Epizod 90

Donttoleame – Epizod 90

The police come to arrest Esin, but Esin is not around. The sudden disappearance of Esin on the eve of her arrest has changed the balance. To get Zeynep out of jail, Bora first kidnaps Esin from the police and then takes action to destroy the evidence in Emre’s hands. He will take the evidence from Bora Emre, and after taking Zeynep out, he will keep it for reuse and send Esin to prison; but it is not an easy bait as Emre Bora thinks.

Emre, on the other hand, is determined to send. Esin to prison and learns that. Bora has kidnapped. Esin and takes action to meet with Bora and hold Bora to account.

Tarık, on the other hand, gathers the whole family for a meal and explains Meltem’s game to my whole family. Everyone is suddenly, shocked. It turns out that everything that Meltem does not commits suicides is an order; but Cengiz does not want to believe what he hears; because the future of the company is based on the marriage of Meltem and Tarık. Meltem, who is stuck, finds the exit based on. Suat and Cengiz.

After Suat and Meltem’s games after the game, Tarık and Cengiz come face to face. A black cat has finally come between father and son. Cengiz’s reaction is to Sıla. Cengiz, who says that Sıla put all this in Tarık’s mind, throws up anger at Sıla. Tarık, on the other hand, will stand next to the woman he loves, Sıla, in front of his father.


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