Mos më Braktis – Epizod 85

Mos më Braktis – Epizod 85

We brought you information from the. Do not leave me set; In the set photos? that came to us, it was seen that. Keiko Fikir Yarar, who gave life to the character of. Esin in the TV series Do not leave me, was on the set of. Don’t Let Me Go. In this case, we can say that Esin did not die in the series Don’t Let Me Go. Keiko Fikir Yarar, who is in love with the drama. Do not leave me, came to visit the set; Or Keiko hasn’t left the series Don’t Let Me Go.

I think Keiko has not left the series. Don’t Let Me Go; The most important proof of this is that. Keiko Certain Benefit still continues to share the set photos of the drama. Do not leave me, who saved the character of Esin, brought to life by. Keiko Lider Yarar, from death?

As it is known, in the TV! series. Don’t Let Me Go, Esin had a lot to do with. Hülya; Hulya, who was patient enough to swallow, everything, that was done to her, when it came to her own, daughter and her own daughter’s honor was slandered, her patience ran out and she stabbed Hülya in the heart.

So who could have saved Esin, who died in front of Emre and the hospital? In the TV series Don’t Let Me Go, one of the two people who want to keep. Esin alive is Esin’s daughter. Cansu and the other is her accomplice Bora. Although Bora seems to have done his best for. Esin’s life from our point of view, Bora may have done more, than he could by even arranging the doctors to show. Esin dead and keep him alive; because the only way to save. Zeynep’s mother Hülya is for Esin not to die.

Although Meltem continues her game, she is sure that this game will end and. Tarık will return to Sıla’s arms one day. What should Meltem do? She should not lose Tarık’s interest in himself. Tarık, on the other hand, wants to inform. Meltem’s family about what happened to Meltem and invite them to. Ankra to have their daughter with them, but. Cengiz is against this idea.

Vedat, then again, doesn’t have any desire to send his better half. Hülya to jail before he can get enough of his girl and spouse, whom he found years after the fact; So how might Vedat be a dad to his two little girls, Cansu and Zeynep? We will see whether. Cansu and Zeynep will be two siblings or two foes; on the grounds that while. Cansu needs to retaliate for her mom from Hülya, Zeynep will need to safeguard her mom.


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