Donttoleame – Epizod 172

Donttoleame – Epizod 172

What occurred at. Emre’s wedding, Aslan’s appearance and the tough spot of the organizations nearly wrecked. Cengiz, and. Cengiz’s heart couldn’t stand this and had an emergency. Cengiz’s condition after a coronary episode is exceptionally basic. Cengiz needed to be taken to the emergency, clinic right away, however everything was past the point of no return for Cengiz. Will Cengiz pass on?

While the. Sayar family is squirming excruciatingly a direct result of their dad. Cengiz’s condition, a blow will come to. Emre from Bora. Notwithstanding this, Bora keeps on executing his well thought out plan. Bora utilized Yeliz to draw in both. Zeynep and Emre. The fact that Yeliz realizes reality makes emre certain. That is the reason arriving at Yeliz is vital for Emre.


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