Donttoleame – Epizod 160

Donttoleame – Epizod 160

On the other hand, Esin finds that the check that Arzu accommodated Yeliz is in Yeliz’s home. Exactly when Esin goes to assemble the check from the house, the police will keep it together for Esin. Esin will be cornered, despite this current situation. Aslan’s beating. Tarık will enable the Sayar Family to settle the sensations of disdain between them rapidly and become a singular punch.

Meltem is worried about. Tarık’s condition. Exactly when Meltem comes to see Tarık, she will have lit the circuit that will thoroughly change the harmony.

With the presence of Meltem, Nişan as of now changes into a fiasco for the Sayar family and Cengiz regrets that he has come. Cengiz finally met with the obfuscated side of Meltem. Meltem moreover prompts her father Aslan and makes Aslan and Cengiz foes.


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