Donttoleame – Epizod 150

Donttoleame – Epizod 150

Then again, Tarık and. Sıla fear losing each other on account of the fire issue and they get past this issue by clutching their affection significantly more. Tarık defies Sıla and. Meltem with the goal that there is no question in Sıla. Meltem shows an extraordinary illustration of fortitude and shocks everybody with what she says. Once more meltem says that the photographs are only clearly false; however a villain will rise out of under this other-worldly picture of. Meltem and will consume everybody.

While they feel that there is no obstruction for the delightful future that he will lay out with. Tarık Sıla, they know nothing about. Meltem’s well conceived plan. Yet again then again, Esin escaped jail and figured out how to break. Hülya and Vedat. While Esin is yelling triumph. Yeliz, who was left by Esin with a game, swears retribution. Yeliz makes a move to retaliate for Esin’s takeoff from jail. Will Yeliz’s assertion send Esin back to prison?


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