Donttoleame – Epizod 147

Donttoleame – Epizod 147

Emre’s first job will be to save. Zeynep from that dungeon and then explain that he did all these things to save her.

Meltem will say that after the night they spent with. Tarık, she said that Tarık had drunk a lot of alcohol and then I came back to you, so she also approached Tarık. Although. Tarık does not want to hear the rest. Meltem’s implication is that he was drunk with me that night, and we were together. Of course. Tarık will not be able to deny this situation when he gets up from. Meltem’s bed naked.

Meltem’s plan will work smoothly; However, there is one thing that. Meltem does not take into account, which is Sıla, who is madly in love with Tarık. Sıla Tarık will receive this bad news while she is waiting to tell the doctor that. Meltem did not commites suicides, to say that she only takes sleeping pills and to expose. Meltem’s lie. Tarik can no longer leave. Metlem, because he lived with. Meltem for one night.


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