Donttoleame – Epizod 146

Donttoleame – Epizod 146

Sıla, of course, was massively, disappointed. Tarık, the man he esteems, confides in not in himself, yet rather in his ex. Meltem. Seeing that Tarık has no confidence in himself. Sıla is very upset. Right when. Sıla says she has deserted this work. Tarık comprehends that. Sıla is excessively, reasonable to try and consider, lying and that she is furthermore attracted to. Sıla consequently.

Tarık, who started to investigate. Meltem’s implosion, acquires some genuinely necessary schooling and gets extraordinarily close to settling. Meltem’s down. Tarık goes to the expert Suat to put the last point.

Emre’s arrangement at long last works and. Yeliz admits all that. Esin has done to her. Emre is extremely near sending. Esin to jail. Esin will be, rebuffed for what she has done. Emre currently takes this data to the examiner’s office to save Zeynep. Emre is extremely glad to save. Zeynep, yet. After this large number of occasions, will. Zeynep excuse Emre after all the insidious he has done to Zeynep?


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