Donttoleame – Epizod 145

Donttoleame – Epizod 145

Esin’s criticism against. Zeynep will make things go crazys on the grounds that neither. Bora nor Emre will save. Zeynep in jail for a wrongdoing she didn’t perpetrate. It is extremely satisfying that Esin isn’t dead; Since, in such a case that. Hülya enters and. Zeynep enters, she will leave rapidly in light of the fact that there is no demise. Esin has taken her ace in the hole; She is solid now against both Emre and Bora, however. Esin’s power will run out rapidly.

Emre, on the other hand, has to continue his game. So, will Emre still continue his game despite all these hardships? Or will he abandon his plans and be with. Zeynep in this difficult time. I think Emre should gather enough evidence to imprison. Esin quickly and stand strong against Esin.


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