Donttoleame – Epizod 139

Donttoleame – Epizod 139

With the help of Mehmet. Sıla found that Meltem’s implosion was a game needed to stick out, and she merrily tells this to Tarık and. Seher as the central thing; Regardless, Sıla, who faces significant reactions from both. Tarık and Seher, experiences unbelievable shock.

Meltem accepted her part so magnificently that everyone genuinely trusted her and both. Tarık Seher really trusted. Sıla to be antagonistic and silly. Sıla promises herself to exhibit that. Meltem’s implosion isn’t veritable. Sıla at first gets rolling by going to. Meltem’s essential consideration doctor. At any rate, how should. Sıla show up at information about. Meltem’s implosion?

Hearing the news. Bora needs to save. Hülya to help. Zeynep with night more. Notwithstanding the way that. Bora could manage without. Esin, she readies the whole crisis center to save her. Esin’s heart has ended and as of now it’s the place to pause for Esin.

Having found a man to take. Hülya’s bad behavior, Bora needs to hold. Hülya back from going to jail considering. Esin In any case, Hülya will show her bad behavior and. Bora’s undertakings will be all greatly. regardless. Esin’s condition is significant, she is among life and end.


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