Donttoleame – Epizod 134

Donttoleame – Epizod 134

On the other hand, while Emre abuses Zeynep, Bora doesn’t stay around Zeynep momentarily to sway Zeynep again; Regardless, Zeynep’s heart really pounds as Emre despite everything. Zeynep endeavors to understand what Emre misconceived and treats his cat so harshly.

Right when. Zeynep was ended, she was in for an exceptional shock. Yet again zeynep, who thinks what. Emre misjudged, doesn’t expect such a move from. Emre, but he is uncommonly, disturbed for what occured for him and figures that a presence with such a precarious individual, won’t pass by giving his mother the right and endeavors to destroy the. Emre issue from his mind. In spite of the way that Zeynep endeavors to annihilate. Emre from her mind and neglect to recall her, this won’t be straightforward for Zeznep.


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