Donttoleame – Epizod 133

Donttoleame – Epizod 133

Again zeynep has conflicted with her mom for. Emres, yet these viewpoints from. Emres make. Zeyneps be hurt with. Emre, obviously, does routinely that to fan out a psyche blowing future with Zeyneps. Emres finds Yeliz happening to disposing of Esin`s. Emres, who finds that Yeliz has the site made, figures Esins will go to prison after Yeliz’s discussion and reporting in the court. Taking into account everything, will. Emre’s down against Esin work? Will Yeliz see. Emre’s cash offer? Might Emres at whatever point make Yeliz talk?

What Meltem needs occurs. Tarık’s thinking is certainly, picked Meltem. Tarık feels that Meltem very him, yet doesn’t fathom that this is all Meltem’s down. While Meltem is in this state, clearly nobody will agree to the relationship for Tarık and Sıla; Regardless, Meltem also attempts an undertaking that will muddle Buse and Sıla.


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