Donttoleame – Epizod 132

Donttoleame – Epizod 132

The fact that Esin never ends makes the audience nervous. First, he took Vedat from Hülya’s hands, years later he destroyed the life of Hülya’s daughter, and now he will deal with Hülya again. Will there be no end to Esin anymore? Will he be punished for what he has done so far? What do you think about these issues?

To effectively defend Zeynep, Emre beats every one of the troubles individually and attempts to figure out the area of Yeliz, yet it is difficult in any way.
Then again, Bora takes a major action to keep Zeynep close by.

Years after the fact, Esin encounters Hülya for Vedat. Esin, who has kept her resentment against Hülya alive for such countless years, plays a major event that will completely change Hülya.
While Meltem utilizes the self destruction occurrence to move Tarık and Sayar Family on her finger, Sıla comes to her out of nowhere. Will Meltem’s down be uncovered?


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