Donttoleame – Epizod 111

Donttoleame – Epizod 111

Emre and Cansu currently blow their mind from the sack seller to get Esin. The pack token that Esin dropped on the day the camera film was taken is the main piece of proof in addressing all that and tracking down the genuine guilty party. Toward the finish of their examination, Emre and Cansu figure out in which store that brand pack is sold. The pair went to the store and verged on tracking down the genuine offender, Esin, from the client records where the pack was sold.

Bora, then again, figured out how to get the camera records back from Esin, whom she lost. Esin, then again, sees each conceivable way not to go to prison and causes the main error that will to consume her and seizes Zeynep in spite of the multitude of challenges. Bora, then again, calls Zeynep to show her valor and that she tracked down the genuine guilty party prior to sending Esin to jail.


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