Donttoleame – Epizod 100

Donttoleame – Epizod 100

Zeyneps is injured, but it is a very small scratch. Emreye immediatelys takes Zeyneps to the chalet and heals Zeynep. Bora, who can’t hear from Zeynep, goes crazys. Bora’s biggests fear is that Emreys and Zeyneps get closer again. It happens exactly as Boraya feared. There is a small rapprochement between Emres and Zeynepes at the mountain house.

Although Emre repeatedly says that the slander against Zeynep from his own e-mail address was never by him, Zeynep says that everything is late. Emre says that Zeynep will prove his innocence. Emre, on the other hand, takes action to confess his love for Zeynep.

Cansu, on the other hand, thinks that Bora and her mother Esin are to blame for the shooting of Sıla. Vedat is about to reach the camera records in the hospital. Accessing the camera records will be the end of Esin. Esin learns that the camera records have been accessed and goes to the hospital to save herself, and Cansu follows her mother Esin. Cansu plays a key role in the unfolding of everything. Vedat watches the camera recordings on the screen. A little later, it will be revealed who entered Emre’s room and sent that e-mail. Esin’s rope is about to be pulled, if she doesn’t do something, the whole game she has built will collapse on her.

Tarık and Sıla parted happily, and they are both very sad. Meltem also tells another lie to Sıla to keep Tarık and Sıla apart. Meltem tells Sıla that after what happened between you and Tarık, Tarık has returned to me and says we are very happy now. On the other hand, Sıla thinks that Tarık has given up on her and that Tarık and Meltem have made peace.


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