Donttoleame – Epizod 324

Donttoleame – Epizod 324

A Confusing Decision. Attempting to explore the intricacies of her own feelings and the requests of people around her, Sıla wound up wrestling with a squeezing choice. Could she decide to disavow Arzu, the man she beyond all doubt adored, in the midst of the developing tumult and vulnerabilities? With the obligation of watching out for Kerem’s prosperity and managing his impressive riches, Sıla defied a problem that would shape the course of her future.

Unexpected Misfortune. As the story unwound, an unanticipated misfortune struck the characters, leaving the crowd as eager and anxious as ever. Emre, coincidentally injured by Zeynep’s blade, went through a dire surgery, coordinated by, as a matter of fact, Zeynep herself. Notwithstanding her earnest attempts, the development negatively affected Emre, bringing about an unexpected heart failure that left everybody pulling in shock.


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