AlittleAdayLght – PROMO Epizod 16

AlittleAdayLght – PROMO Epizod 16

Court Choice: Güneş to Stay in Friendly Administrations Forthcoming DNA Result. The court has as of late gone with a basic choice in regards to the destiny of Güneş, the subject of a guardianship fight. Forthcoming the anticipated DNA test results, Güneş is to stay under the watchful eye of social administrations. This choice has worked up a horde of feelings among the concerned gatherings.

Dila’s Confident Expectation In the midst of Vulnerability. Regardless of the vulnerability, Dila, enthusiastically expecting the day when she can rejoin with Güneş, keeps an inspirational perspective. Her hopeful disposition fills in as a beam of trust in the midst of the common pressure.


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