AlittleAdayLght – Epizod 4

AlittleAdayLght – Epizod 4

The psychological struggle among Ümran and Dila uplifts higher than any time in recent memory. Ümran, driven by disappointment and madness, thinks about locking Dila away in a mental clinical facility to recuperate control over her life. However, Dila, clutching secrets of her own, makes a dazzling and surprising step. In a depiction of serious individual aggravation, Dila shoots her own mother, leaving Ümran deadened in a spot she will not at any point anticipate.

Amidst this difficulty, Fırat, clashed between his dedication to his mother and his kin, starts to loosen up the real world. The holding up inquiries regarding Dila’s parentage become too crushing to try and think about dismissing. In a bid to uncover reality and convey clarity to the pandemonium enveloping the family, Fırat decides to take a DNA test.


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