AlittleAdayLght – Epizod 3

AlittleAdayLght – Epizod 3

In the high speed universe of corporate interest and individual problems, the existences of Ümran, Elif, Dila, and Fırat are going to veer off in strange directions.

Ümran, a carefully prepared chief, was profoundly dazzled by Elif’s outstanding abilities exhibited at a new organization occasion. Perceiving her true capacity, Ümran imagines Elif assuming responsibility for all future organization associations. In any case, Elif faces her own overwhelming difficulties. She’s battling to keep her private issue above water, troubled by mounting obligations abandoned by Hakan, a fierce figure from quite a while ago. These monetary hardships pass on Elif with no relief and power her to face a tough choice: to keep grieving Hakan or bid him one last goodbye.


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