AlittleAdayLght – Epizod 14

AlittleAdayLght – Epizod 14

Love is Franticness: A Story of Penance and Enthusiasm. In a modest community settled by the beautiful Fırat Waterway, a holding show of affection, penance, and enthusiasm unfurls. Fırat, a youthful and thinking for even a second to man, has intensely proclaimed his adoration for Elif, throwing away the standards and customs that take steps to shackle their hearts. His admission, in any case, comes at the danger of defying a considerable foe – his own mom.

A Mother’s Objection. Fırat’s affection for Elif exceeds all rational limitations, and he will take extraordinary measures to battle for their adoration. Regardless of whether it implies testing the one individual who has forever been a directing power in his life, his mom. He decides to pay attention to his heart, accepting that affection ought to win over cultural assumptions.


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